What would you choose?

asus xense / pc 350 bundle $300


asus xonar / ad700 $180

reasons i like the asus xense is, lifetime warranty, amp, can plug my speakers and headset up at same time.

will be used for gaming / music / movies, i know the pc 350s are not quite as good as the ad700's but i heard the 350's sound awesome on the xense.

seen the essence but didnt even see how i could hook up speakers to it, just seen rca connections. plus no lifetime warranty.

would i really tell much of a difference using essence/xense over xonar? ive never used anything but onboard. im currently using siberias with onboard sound.
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  1. 300$ bundled price tag on the asus xense/pc 350 is awesome.. Surely grab on to that..
  2. anyone else agree?

    ive been reading and from what i take it is that 350s are actually really good if hooked to a amp. most the people who criticize them do so because they dont have it hooked to a good source.
  3. Well emperus tried it and it's good. While me I have tried the xonar on my gigabyte mobo and it is also awesome I paired it with logitech speakers.
  4. I tried the PC-350 (owned by my friend) both at his place and also with my Essence STX.. The amp really creates a difference and is actually essential to drive such high quality headsets.. I could not afford one though because of its high cost and so i ended up buying the HD 515 G4ME.. I do not have a microphone requirement though.. It was the excellent audio quality of the 350 that made me think about them.. However am plenty happy with my HD 515 G4ME now..
  5. thanks alot, im going to get them. wasnt worried with soundcard, was worried about headset.
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