After bios update acer aspire one still not charging the batery

please help me to resolve the problem with charging the battery
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  1. I mean the acer aspire one AOA150
  2. Your Batteries could be exausted and may need replacing, if you have a test meter you could test to see if the laptop is outputting power to charge the battery, then check the battery aswell to see if there is any voltage there. To find the ground (-v) (make sure laptop is unplugged at this point) set the meter to continuty and touch the shell part of the USB PORT with the negative lead (black) and then probe the battery terminals with the positive lead (red) until continuty is displayed, once displayed mark the terminal with a CD Marker so you know which one is negative ((-v)gnd), now plug the laptop in and probe the battery terminal with the test meter set to VOLTAGE MODE with the black lead on the negative terminal and red one probing until a voltage is found (look for a stable voltage slightly higher than the cell pack for your laptop (pulsating voltages maybe present these are usually for thermal managment and digital battery management data buses( ignore these as they only carry data and no charge current for the battery))), if no voltage is found most likely there is a problem with the charging system of the laptop, if a voltage is found then most likely the battery is exausted/dead and you need a replacement, you can check the batter aswell by checking for any voltage by using the pinouts you discovered when probing the terminal on the laptop. Hope this helps.
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