Intel atom z520

I have an Acer Aspireone netbook, which hasthe intel atom z520 in it and I am wondering if the machine will take the intel atom z550 and how easy it is to but one and fit it myself. can anyone give me any useful information or help please?

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  1. The first hurdle is the processor is soldered on to the board so its going to be very difficult to swap and secondly I don't think the processors are connector/interface compatible.
  2. Well thats not good news, the machine is slow, skype will not work. Need some ideas, I have already upgraded the ram to 2gb, will now think about using different OS (linux) but read somewhere that Intel Atom will will npot take some Linux OS?
  3. sell it and buy a faster one.

    preferably something with a culv chip like the su4100

    or the amd equivalent.
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