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Hello friends.I'm building a gaming computer, and need some help?
*CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition 3.2GHz / 3.6GHz Turbo Core 9MB Cache
*Motherboard: GIGABYTE 790FXTA-UD5, AMD 790FX, DDR3, 2X PCIExp, Socket 938 AM3, CrossFireX, USB 3.0
*Ram : OCZ 8 GB (2X4 GB) DDR3 1333 Mhz CL9 RAM GOLD Low Voltage
*Hard disk : WESTERN DIGITAL 1 TB SATA II HDD 32MB Caviar Black 3GB/s
*Graphic card: POWERCOLOR HD5970 2048 MB, PCIExp , DirectX 11, DDR5
And these are my questions:
1)which hardwaresdo you prefer for that system?(power supply,computer case,5+1 sound system,sound card,dvd-blue ray reader)
2)I want to buy a multitouchscreen monitör.What is your suggestion?
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  2. 1. If u want Thuban based rig i would go with 1055T +high end air cooler ^^
    2. 890FX for top dog
    3. No to OCZ RAM
  3. 1. If you are aiming for games, I think save your money a little and pick X6 1055T or X4 965 (955 should do also just fine)
    2. 8GB RAM is not really a must, but if you want it, go get it. BTW : Can you fine G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 CL7 with that price?
    3. Get a good proc cooler.
    4. Big "NO" for Powercolor, trust me on this. Get HIS, Shapire, XFX, ASUS, or MSI. And I still don't think HD5970 is a good buy right now, it is still too expensive, why not go down a little and get HD5850. But again, if you want it you buy it.
    5. Try to consider buying an SSD for your main partition.
    6. Casing? Cooler master HAF922 or Antec 1200 is one among the best.
    7. Hmm....Are you planning to X-Fire? If yes 750W if not 550W, get from Seasonic, Antec, Tagan, Silverstone, Corsair, or Enermax.
    8. Have you consider Logitech Z-5500?
    9. No extra sound card is really needed, the onboard one is more than enough.
    10. Just find any cheapest BR-reader you can find.
    11. Multitouch monitor? Hmmm...I am not really into that kind of touchy thingy but try to find one from ACER, or Iiyama...if you really want one.
  4. I agree, drop down to x4 955/965 as the 6 cores will give nothing for gaming.
    Drop down to 4gb of good quality RAM (G Skill mentioned above)
  5. batuchka said:
    1. If u want Thuban based rig i would go with 1055T +high end air cooler ^^
    2. 890FX for top dog
    3. No to OCZ RAM

    i totall agree, i've oc'd my 1055t to 3.66 effortlessly - save the 100.00 and get a nice heatsink/fan for your cpu and overclock away.
    my cpu/motherboard/ram combo fits perfectly, see my sig for specs.
  6. O_o Thats a top of the line set up u got there
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