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Disconnected my Raid 0 drives, when plugged in all is lost?

November 2, 2012 12:56:37 PM

Hi Everybody,

i decided to install a ssd next to my 2 hd's in Raid 0.
After i cloned windows on the SSD,
i decided to boot one time only with the SSD so i disconnected the 2 other HDS.
now when i plug them in, all seems to be gone.! (Doaugh!)

To me it seems that the raid bios just seems to think that i plugged in 2 blank hd's.
as if there was never any thing on them.

(Yes i know raid 0 is not for important data, there was also no important data, just a couple of linux and windows installations, and if there is any way to restore that that takes less time as installing everything new, i would like to try that. )

For the clarity it was a hardware raid, using the Intel embedded raid 2 that was on the server.

im not sure but nothing really happened what should erase the data.
The only thing is that if i take out the hard disks the raid bios some how remembers that, and when i plug them in again, it considers them as new drives.

Is there any way, or a simple option that i just didnt see in this raid menu, just to continue all how it was before??

Ah and could the same happen to the ssd drive? now im scared to remove it.
I mean the data will probably not be gone for the ssd, but maybe there is no way to plug in a disk, without setting up the new logical volumes and initializing and stuff?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.