P67 to z68 worth it for ssd caching?

I already have a P8p67 deluxe board, and I was wondering if it worth changing my motherboard to the z68 chipset? I'll probably get the ud5 board. I have a spare vertex 2 120gb which I plan to use for the ssd caching the z68 privides. I find myself needing more space on my ssd, which makes me buy more ssd. Buying more ssd is around the same price of a new board. I know it not as fast stand alone ssd, but i want a large storage size and good read/write speeds. Any advice is good, maybe hybrids drives?
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  1. MOst folks consider the 120 gb SSD as already large enough for primary OS install, along with most commonly used programs, which would negate the need for caching, as most commonly used data is already given high speed acess, negating the need for SSD caching.
  2. The primary benifit of caching the HDD is for Operating system/programs (2x - 4x faster than standarded HDD). With a SSD already used as the primary drive (Still the recommend), there have been a couple of articales than indicated that caching the HDD when an SSD is used as primary boot drive does not improve overall performance much - My take is that it may be highly user dependent.

    Baring that, My recommendation whould to use the spare 120 SSD as a scrach disk - You get to decide what gets speed up, not an algorthum.
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