Pc is runing to fast

I have stumbled across a pc what is runing in hyper mode,to fast for once?

it is pre installed windows 7 32bit pro
runing 3gb mem
black edition dual core with asus motherboard

the fault is it will boot into windows fine but the clocks _(time) is going super speed like the whole pc is in fast forward,
all the sound is distorted aswell as it is playing sound and video files in fast-speed sounds like chipmonks,
if you was to fire up internet brower all the puctures flickers twice as fast everythink has doulbled in speed or 3x

to be fair i have not realy come across this issue befor its allways been (slow)
has anyone had this issue befor ?
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  2. Does everything load faster, or is it that once it loads everything seems to be sped up?
  3. everything is faster.....i'd assume the clock is also moving faster.....like his windows clock would go twice as fast as a normal clock should...or if he played a movie, it would look like it was going fast forward
  4. That's creepy.
    What is you cpu speed at?
    Does it boot faster (POST)?
    can you plug in usb drives, ect?
  5. Seeing as how he hasnt specific applications or anything is loading faster, that there are just problems within the programs, it sounds like a software issue.

    Let's see what the OP replies before we start jumping to conclusions.
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