All water cooled PC in the works

New to this OC community and thought I'd take a dive with this system I'll be building within the next 5months or so. My budget was around $3200USD but it might be more now.

Just looking for any obvious incompatible parts/suggestions and ideas.

This will be a new full system. Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse, and Tower. My basic idea going into this was a water-cooled system (GPU's and CPU). Memory and all else air cooled via 120mm fans. Intel I7 was a must along with Win7 and 12GB of ram.

Case: Corsair CC800DW Obsidian 800D

Motherboard: Asus Rampage III

Processor: Intel Core i7 960

Memory: 12GB Corsair Core i7 Dominator PC12800 DDR3

Graphics: 2x SLI EVGA GeForce GTX 460 Superclocked 768MB GDDR5

Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-1000HX

Solid State Drive 1x (OS-WIN7 and 1-2 Games): Intel X25-M 160GB

Storage Drive: 2x Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive - 1TB

Water Cooling Rundown:

CPU: 3x 120mm Radiator Top mounted inside the case with spacers on the fans. Medium sized reservoir and high flow pump. 1x 140mm Radiator mounted outside on the rear of the case (semi-shared radiator)

Flow Chart: Pump Out--> Y-Barb -->To CPU Block --> 3x Radiator --> Y-Barb -->Reservoir -->Pump IN
.............................................--> To GPU Blocks -->1x Radiator -->
CPU Water-Block Koolance CPU-360 Rev1.2
2x GPU Water-Block
DD12V-D5 Pump
Black Ice XtremeIII Radiator
3x TFC Xtender 120mm Radiator Shroud
3x Noctua NF-P12 Fan 120mm
GPU 1x140mm Radiator

1 45 Degree Barb (GPU intake) and 2 Y-Barbs UV Blue (Split off pump and Join after Rad's into the Reservoir)
3/8 ID Tubing UV Blue
PrimoChill ICE Non-Conductive Liquid Cooling Fluid- UV Blue
2 Cold Cathode UV Tubes

I might Throw in a Northbridge/Memory coolers in at later date.

I won't bore you with the peripherals. What do you guys think so far? Will be mainly using this machine to play a few games and mainly play 2-3 Clients of Eve Online maxed settings at the same time.
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  1. I smell overkill. i would have gotten an i7 930, 6 gigs of ram and save yo self a ton of money, there is no reason for this system just for EVE online XD
  2. If any of this matters,
    - 1000W psu is unnecessary, 750W is fine
    - 3-boxing an MMO would be better served by a 6-core processor.
    - HD is too slow - want 2TB WD instead.
    - If you are going GTX 460, at least go 1 GB for MMOs
  3. Forget water cooling... get an h50 corsair, i7 930, 2 GTX 480s.
  4. 1000w is overkill?? This is SLI 2way and I will be overclocking the i7 and cards. Also the water pump and all the fans will be running off the psu (3x 120mm, 3x 140mm).

    I think i will go with the 1gb cards.

    Anyone know if you can set the 2 storage drives in raid and keep the SSD separate for the OS?
  5. brennon7 said:
    Forget water cooling... get an h50 corsair, i7 930, 2 GTX 480s.

    There are air coolers that are better than the h50. Also for my application of water cooling and overclocking the GPU and CPU a traditional water cooled system will be much much better (I like to be really really sure everything runs cool).
  6. Will your proposed build out perform my suggestion? I think not. Why pay more for less performance? H50 has a small footprint. I get 63c load overclocked to 3.6ghz with an i7 930. The money spent on your watercooling will be better spent on GTX 480s or more monitors. Get the 480s THEN get water cooling down the road. Don't put lipstick on a pig.
  7. Do i have to say this to everyone! NEVER GO WITH SLI FIRST! it doesnt make your system look cool or anything! get a gtx 480 and another one down the line!
  8. ^+1. get a second GPU as an upgrade later.
  9. You need to see a doctor if you would build your above system over this one I created on NEWEGG. The total is $3301

    It includes the following:

    THREE 120hz 23inch monitors 3d monitors
    Nvidia 3d Surround kit
    2 GTX 480s
    i7 930
    6gb ddr3 Corsair CL7
    Noctua Cooler
    500gb hd
    Haf 922
    1000w Silverstone PSU
    x58A-UD3R motherboard

    I rest my case.
  10. SenOrtega said:
    1000w is overkill?? This is SLI 2way and I will be overclocking the i7 and cards. Also the water pump and all the fans will be running off the psu (3x 120mm, 3x 140mm).
    Please. Googling "GTX 460 SLI power requirements" reveals as its #2 listing:,2694-10.html

    that shows a 980X OC'd to 4GHz running Furmark on 2x460 drawing 480W at the wall. Deduct 10% for efficiency and add back 50W-60W to allow driving the 980X at max, and you get ~485W PSU draw. A 750W psu is PLENTY, and 1000W is overkill, as I said.
  11. Thanks all I will go with a single GPU for now. In my budget I have 2 22" LCD's factored in. i have no use for more than 2 (I use three 20" LCD's at work and find as too much space at times. I just prefer 2 and alt tabbing). The reason I want to go with 1000w is that I will eventually try out 3 way sli with a physics card (with a fully overclocked system) and 3 independent water cooled loops just as an experiment. I'm using 1/2 of my PTO from work that I have accrued over the years so it practically a free build lol. I have never built an "overkill" system and I'd to give it a try. A good friend of mine just purchased a water jet so I'm gonna get a custom case made.
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