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Hello, i recently thought that i need another HDD because my 500gb is almost filled up.
So i realized that i should get my old HDD from my old computer.
But unfortunately that HDD has alot of viruses in old windows and in files.
So how i can Format that HDD without getting this PC infected?
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  1. Assuming you old computer still work and this is the only drive. get DBAN and run it on the old computer.

    then connect it to your new and format it.
  2. Just plug the drive into your new computer, connect it, boot Windows, right click 'My Computer', select 'Manage Computer' and then select 'Disk Management'. Identify the old drive, right click it and give it a full format!

    I doubt the drive will infect your new computer unless you start accessing the files on the old drive from the new OS.
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