Buisness PC for my mum

Need some advice on a buisness pc build for my mum for the family buisness/home use.

Level : Basic to Mid user knowledge
Use : only surfing, shopping and invoices/accounts on dedicated software.
Cost ; No real budget but anything fancy will be wasted.

I would prefer AMD system and onboard graphics i think and already have spare PSU, DVD and HD's.

I have no idea how to balance a system for this use i.e. MB, CPU, RAM spec's
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  1. Not sure she even needs 4GB but $206AR for hardware ^^
  2. Batchuka: I wouldn't reccomend a Biostar Motherboard:

    This MSI is a little cheaper, but comes with a Radeon 2100 internal graphics processor

    This ASUS is the same price with an NVidia 7025 onboard video

    This MSI is a little more expensive, but has a 128 MB Radeon HD4250

    MSI & Asus are more reliable boards than Biostar
  3. Not really - have built with almost all brands and all mobo makers makes gems and lemons ^^ Of those 3 u picked out only the last one i would possibly consider fixing up for a client but if i had the $$ i would not go for an 880G still on SB710 @@

    1st & 2nd mobo

    Essentially AM2 mobos with DDR3 DIMM slots
    a. HT Limitation when used with AM3 socket CPUs
    b. Still on PCIe gen 1.0 lanes
    c. Worse IGP vs Radeon 3000 on 760G chipsets
    d. Being non true AM2+/AM3 chipsets they do not have dual/split plane power design

    So even when going with brands one is familiar with i would advise really understanding the tech u are paying and recommending others go for
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