Cheap and average gaming headphones?

I was looking for a good headphone with good quality and cheap, I found the Sennheiser HD 201‎ and they received very good reviews with a good price,
But the only problem is that they dont have a mic with them but I need one since I use it to Team Speak with my team on multiplayer,
So is there a good headphones like the HD201 but with microphone and have the same range of price?

*The most important thing for me is that they have to be comfortable, since I wear em a lot
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    This is the analog set, the USB version will run you an extra $20.

    for around $50, this is a great deal.

    If you can spend up to $100, go for the corsair HS1.

    I would not go cheaper than the creative set, because you will get what you pay for.
  2. Well the biggest problem is that in my country we dont have the stuff that are on newegg, for example the Fatal1ty headset is awesome but they dont sell it here :(
    I was wondering if there is a way to attach a microphone to a headset?
    (max budget = 50$)
  3. Yes, buy a clip-on Zalman (or similar) microphone for roughly 20 USD. Then buy whatever headphones you want.
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