PC turns on for one second then off

Been battling this issue since last weekend when I did my usual cleaning. System would not power back on, motherboard light just flashed. Assumed power supply when I tested it with another and it kept a solid light. So I bought a new one, but now to my current issue all fans power on for a split second but are off just as quickly. Motherboard light stays on.

I have removed every component down to just having power supply, motherboard, and processor and there is no change in the issue and yes they are out of case.

I have removed cmos battery swapped it with another one that I verified works. I reset bios (99% sure I did it right). I have looked at the processor it appears to be ok.

I have inspected the motherboard and as good as I can tell, there is no obvious defects. There is no beeps or anything. But I don't know if there would be any? I have tried connecting the sound card with a regular speaker attached to it but I think this won't do anything? I don't have one of those little speakers you plug into the motherboard.

The computer was built 3.5 years ago never any issues. Just cleaned it and ever since then, I clean it every few months though, just to get the dust out do not touch components though.

The system is on 32 bit vista
Intel E-6600
Asus P5N32-E SLI MB
Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 Cr 2x1GB
Seagate 320GB 7200 RPM 16 MB SATA II
eVGA D e-GeForce 8800GTS 320MB

Any help would be great, getting really frusterated.
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  1. No good deed goes unpunished . . . you might be thinking twice about that cleaning lol.

    Given how fast it fails, there would be no beeps even if you had a mobo speaker attached. You're right, the sound card doesn't help, but good try . . . along with all the other stuff you did.

    I've been thinking about what i would do next if in your shoes, and its not pretty. I'd quadruple check that the 24 pin and 8 pin (or 20 & 4) are intact and connected, make sure the mobo is on a non-conductive surface, and try PSU#3 again. I'd also try to give the cpu cooler fan a little help to spin, since the system may not start if it can't sense the fan spinning (long shot). If all that fails, I'd try to borrow PSU#2 again and repeat the previous.

    When all that fails, I'd believe the mobo had failed, and be faced with a decision.

    Best of luck.
  2. I had this issue in one of my builds but might also be what ur having. Did you try checking the case leads for the power switch and reset? i had swapped them on mine by accident and it would also turn on and then off. hope this helps. :hello:
  3. ^^ Moderator please?
  4. It's possibly the power supply acting up, mine is doing the same thing from a cold boot.
  5. Thanks for the help. First off, I am booting from a screwdriver right off the board, no crossed wires, have also tried through the case just to make sure. No change whatsoever.

    I am going to try a known good power supply to see if any change.

    On the bright side the MB is pretty outdated now and a replacement is only like $80 for something about the same, but after $130 for the power supply it kinda sucks.

    Yea I will think twice about cleaning it! Probably the 10th time i've done so in 3.5 years NEVER a lick of trouble. Always figured I was doing it good getting the dust out! Heck, I did my other computer (the one i'm on right now) at the same time. I am 99.999% sure I didn't touch or do anything that would of fried the mb or power supply. I am guessing it just had to be my luck.

    However, lately I did notice software acting really funny. The computer was just not performing very well. But no physcial issues like rebooting or anything. Not sure if it might be a sort of indication of the issues i'm having now?
  6. how did you clean it if you used the output of a shop vac then you probably fryed somthing with static electricity

    I did that to one of my computers years ago.
  7. I just wipe the inside of the case with a paper towel, no components. And I blow out the fans with a can of air or whatever it's called. I did use a vacuum to pull some dust out of the fans. But nothing different then what I always do.

    The vacuum could of caused a issue?
  8. possibly.
    What type of vacuum?
    What type of hose?
    Did you touch the mobo or a card with the hose?
  9. Just a dirt devil, plastic hose. No I did not touch anything other then the fan or case with the hose.
  10. Question. If only the 16 pin is plugged into the motherboard, the cpu fan boots up and stays spinning. Once the other 8 pin is plugged in it does the usual boot up for a second then off.

    Does that tell anything new seems really weird?
  11. It is possible that your hose has vinyl part of it and your fan carried static electricity through it to a part of your mobo or something.

    My computer was being blown out with a shopvac and air with static his something and fried it. It would start its POST but then shut off. I got lucky and the Hd was intact.

    If you can try individually testing components in another machine if possible.

    Vacuums are nasty things. :(
  12. Wow that is good to know, and sucks. I am really sure I didn't do anything different then I ever did before which is odd. Would the vacuum kill the power supply to? Because I have verified something is wrong with the old one for sure. I really got to be sure now it is the motherboard. I am just going to go buy one tomorrow. I mean from research it appears the CPU is almost never to blame, and sure doesn't seem like it, so that only leaves the motherboard.
  13. First, you need the little speaker that plugs into the motherboard.

    Next, breadboard the system:
    with only the PSU, motherboard, CPU & HSF, and the little speaker.

    When you try to boot, you should hear a series of long beeps. Silence indicates a problem with (in likely order) the PSU, motherboard, or CPU.
  14. Is the fan for the heatsink cooler plugged in properly? It could have been dislodged as the result of the cleaning. If this is the case, then the system will sense no cooling and shut off to prevent damage to the CPU.
  15. No need for a $130 psu . . . a quick look shows my favorite quality brand has a larger-than-you-need 650W on sale for $72 incl shipping:


    And you can probably do better price-wise with a smaller unit, too.
  16. Yes, that's a pretty good deal. It's only $5 more than a 550VX.
  17. The power supply I bought is the antec 650w truepower, just because that's what I had overkill but had plans to upgrade eventully.

    Got it working again sort of. Other computers cd drive crapped out so I got fed up and used working components from each to make one good machine. When I went to fire it up the power supply in my old computer was acting up, would only turn on when it felt like it. But in the end i've got it working again. Still not 100% sure what was the problem as I am only using the HD, graphics card, cd drive from the computer that wasn't working. Going to swap out the processor later on, sadly the ram is not compatable though.

    And to top it off, I had to reformat because of the changes when I got the OS loaded again and I plugged in my external HD to get all my stuff back, it's not working. Tried on multiple pc's not sure what the issue is.

    Just not having ANY luck with computers lately.......Good news is both power supplys are still on warranty, so is external hard drive.

    Thanks for the help though, this sure was frusterating.
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