X6 1055 or i5 760 for 3DMAX

im so sorry coz i just sign up and directly asking some question...

1. x6 1055 vs i5 760 which better for 3DMAX? game is not too important.

2. or, if i wanna jump to x6 1090 or i7 950, does the speed ratio is equal with the prize? as i know the price is 60 % more expensive, is the speed will be 60% too?

3. i saw in some of forum sell 2nd quadro with 1/4 of new prize? is it worth? is the risk too high?

4. does thermaltake from processors box (manufacture) is enoug if im not going to overclock, just normal use.

5. why does onboard motherboard is cheaper than off board motherboard, ex: 980fx vs 890 gx? execpt the SLI slot? is there any difference else? how about the performance? i thing i will use just one graphic card.

6. is dual channel RAM give significant performance than sigle cannel? how much?

7. if i use $1000 render system, does sata II hardisk enough? or it will give lot bottleneck. ill use big RAM (12-16 Giga). or if i use ssd or raptor, does it give lot of difference? how much?

8. is there any cooler system with air conditioner system? like an indor AC? i dont mean water cooler.

9. how about performance betwen led tv and led monitor without tv? kira2 how about performance and price?

i just can say thanks alot for reading it, moreover if u reply it. best regards.
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  1. look at this site maybe it will help you out with your cpu choice

    i5 760 vs x6 1055t http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/147?vs=191

    i7 950 vs x6 1090T http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/146?vs=100

    good cheap case is the antec 300, the thermaltake should be fine, dual channel ram gives a significant performance increase, and if you just want to keep your temps down get a coolermaster hyper 212+ cpu cooler and some fans
  2. i guess ill take 1055 and overclock it. with 60% more money ill get 10-30% more power, i think it doesnt worth enough.
  3. why the x6? the i5 760 beats the x6 in most of the 3dsmax benchmarks
  4. 1. id like 4 slots of ram
    2. some rumor said that in future more core = more speed (for 3d modelling) cmiiw
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