Advice on video card

using this processor

should i use evga gtx480 superclocked
sapphire hd5870
sapphire hd5970
i know i probely won't get 5970's because of the price
right now i am going to using one but going to upgrade to 2,3or4 way sli or crossfire
which one wii give me the most bang for the buck
know any good motherboard that supports sli and am3 socket
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  1. Actually once u go higher end Fermi : HD 5850/5870 are better buys than GTX 470/480
  2. ^ Well GTX 470 actually is a good buy...
    But as SLI and AMD are not the best combinations, the HD 58xx are better if you go with AMD CPUs...

    So get the HD 5870...and which mobo are you using ??
  3. I fell like I am stalking gkay today....

    Yes, 5870 would be the best choice especially for an AMD build
  4. What games do you [want to] play, and at what resolution? Maybe just a single GTX460 is enough. Do any of your games support PhysX? Have you chosen a PSU? A quality 550W unit can run any single GPU (450W for all but the very top end); you'll want 650W-850W for multiple GPUs. A quality PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification for efficiency. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands.
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