Which AMD CPU?


I am build a computer for a friend I know and we are shooting for about the 500 - 700 rang,

My questions is, What AMD CPU would be good for her?

She uses the computer mostly for internet, pictures, Word, excel, and so on. She wont use it for gaming.

But she would probably want a quad, so which AMD quad do you think would be good?

Please reply!


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    If it's just any quad, get the cheapest (usually the lowest clock speed) CPU. Check the supply at the computer store and ask for the cheapest AMD quad core they got. Since the user is a girl, she probably won't go experimenting with the PC whatsoever anyway.

    Although with that usage profile, a mere dual core will do just fine.
  2. i would just go for an x3 445, a friend of mine has 1 hell he even games with it in his system, it should more than suffice for her needs
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