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Need CPU suggestion for Evga 780i FTW board

Hello everyone,
I'm looking to buy a new gaming build in a month or 2. Currently I have a Q6600 in my PC and was looking to upgrade the CPU and GPU. This PC is what I have currently and I'm using it for anything I need. The new PC will be for heavy tasks and will not be connected to the internet.

Till I buy my new PC I would like to upgrade the CPU and GPU in the board so it's snappier for everyday use. I'm able to OC the Q6600 to 3.6 but I'd like some more oomph and need to make sure I don't bottleneck a GTX 470 I'll be adding as well. I was looking at the CPU list on Intel's website and I have no idea what I should get. Was looking at the Q9650 since it's the top on the quad's list. How cool do these run and what kind of an OC could I get?
Any benefit to go with a QX over the Q chip?

Was also thinking about replacing my ram to pc2 9600 (vs 8500) and Cas5 (vs cas6). Would there be a perceptible performance boost?

Q6600 lapped true dual fans
4GB Kingston HYperx 8500
Mushkin Callisto 60gb SSD
Tagan 1000w PSU

Any help appreciated!
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  1. You will not get much more performance than Q6600@ 3.6GHz out of any other LGA775 CPU. It will work fine with your GTX470 a platform change would be needed for more performance.
  2. Doesn't sound logical to me. If I OC the Q9650 to 4-4.1, why wouldn't I get a benefit?
    I don't think the Q6600 is strong enough for a 470 or 460SLI cards.

    I live overseas so I can get a higher price of my Q6600 than if I sold it on Ebay.

    Now on to my other 2 questions please.
    1-Would it be worth going with an extreme chip over the Q9650?
    2-What kind of performance gains can I expect with faster ram with lower latencies?

    Just found this:
    Nice to see the chip not bottlenecking the GPU's.

    Thanks again.
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    Here is Q6600 @ stock compared with Q9650
    You have a 50% overclock on your CPU which will eat up the difference and some. With the prices on Q9650 you are better of spending the money towards a platform change. You can get an I5 750 and motherboard for that price, You where planning to upgrade your ram anyway.
  4. I did see those benches. If I OC my Q6600 to 3.6 and I OC the Q9650 to 4.2 then looking at both of them the Q9650 is still faster, by about 15%. In terms of performance it's about half the performance boost I would get using an i7 950, which is what I will purchase.

    I don't want to have any bottleneck issues with the added 470 or 460SLI. There was a fella at the Evga forum who had the Q6600 (oc to 3.2) and added a GTX 460 and saw maybe a 10% PB.

    If I just upgrade the CPU, I then don't have to invest more money in ram or a MB. Although I would like to know if faster ram will help.

    I will be purchasing a new PC in a month or 2, mainly for the heavy tasks. Please read my first post again.

    I do feel the PC will benefit from a CPU and GPU upgrade.
  5. You might be better off with a GPU upgrade and a CPU OC and then saving your money for a mobo and CPU upgrade. The 780i chipset gets quite hot when pushing for 4ghz (just like the 680i chipset does) from what I've read and I can attest to the 680i getting hot as to get 4ghz out of my E8400 I had to up the voltage to about 1.45v IIRC.
  6. MM! Always glad to see you.
    I have enough money for a CPU/GPU upgrade and a new build as well.
    Looking to go with this:
    Asus Rampage III Formula
    i7 950 WC XSPC WB 240 RAD
    GTX 470 SLI
    6GB Mushkin Ridgeback 1600 cas6
    Mushkin Callisto SSD 120GB
    Enermax revolutions 85+ SLI 950w

    Theoretically speaking if both the Q9650 and Q6600 were spec'ed at 2.4 (the speed is not the issue/point) and both would OC to the same speed, would they both have the same performance level? I'm just wonder if they are the same architecture inside, but with the Q9650 just being higher clock? If that's the case, I won't upgrade, otherwise I think I will get it and just WC it.

    As well would it be a better to go with an extreme processor over the Q9650?

    Also would I see a performance boost by going with faster ram and lower latencies?
  7. Doing a back to back comparison between a E6850@3ghz and an E8400@3ghz the 8400 was about 10% faster due to the 45nm process, so I would expect the same with the Quads, that said I still think the i7 is the one to go for as the 775's are no longer a current product so any money spent on them is wasted cash that could be spent on a newer faster and more up to date rig.
  8. If you don't plan on building for a month or two... I say wait for the Sandy Bridge chips to be released. Any current Intel socket is basically going through it's E.O.L. cycle (however long that maybe :) ). Intel's newer chips, by all accounts, will be faster and run cooler than the current chips out.

    The prices should be around the same as the current price structure. This will mean you'll get better performance for the same money or pickup up older (still very good) setup for less. Either way... Win Win.

    Also... Don't forget about AMD's Bulldozer
  9. I don't want to wait for the SB. The prices will be high and I'd rather take advantage of the i7 prices. Thanks anyway.
    The reason I think I should get the Q9650 is so I don't bottleneck the 470 or 460SLI I plan on getting. I also have an SSD now, so that would put more strain on the CPU to deliver. The 950 costs around $300 and after that it jumps to $500+, so I don't want to invest more than that in a CPU.

    The PC I currently have will need to hold me off for 3 more years. It will be used for basic everyday use once I get my gaming PC. It will be used for email, Internet surfing, watching movies..basic stuff like that.
    The idea is to upgrade components in the gaming PC and move older cards into my current PC. After 3 years, I'll use the gaming PC for daily use and get a new Gaming rig. And keep doing the hardware shuffle. Upgrade cards in the gaming PC and move the older cards in the daily PC, then replace the daily PC with the gaming PC, and purchase a new gaming rig.

    Again, would it be worth getting a quad extreme over the Q9650?
  10. photog10 said:
    Again, would it be worth getting a quad extreme over the Q9650?

    I don't think it is, but then I'm genetically predisposed to being a tight fisted old fart.
  11. HAHAHAHA!! I have to maul it over..maybe I'll get rid of the PC and just do the i7 bit. I will also be getting a Qosmio X505/i7/460m Laptop. So Maybe 3 pc's is too much. I have to maul..thanks again guys!
    Would you be mad if I gave Rolli the best answer selection?
  12. Not at all mate, it's your thread so you can award as you see fit.
  13. So again I apologize. I wish I could award you both, but I have to give him the choice.
    Thanks for understanding. It would be a waste if I didn't give it to anyone.
    So MM you a Rossi fan I see? I bought a GPtech lid around 2 years ago the dreamtime limited to 1000.

    I can't say it was excellent quality though. such a shame.
    This is me

    I've been riding for 18 years now, and solely an Arai flagship helmet user. I wanted something different and I fell in love with the colors. I now want to try the Shoei X12. They changed the head shape on the Corsair V to a more roundish fit and it just doesn't sit well on my head.
    What do you ride? I had 2009 Z1000, got rid of it now i'm riding an old mans Burgman 650. I have to think of the lady as well. The Z scared the bejesus out. of her.

    Thanks again guys!
  14. Best answer selected by photog10.
  15. At the moment I'm riding my ST1100 as the FZR1000, K75 and GPz550 are off the road and whilst I revere Valentino as a god amongst men I wouldn't wear an AGV lid again as I had one split on me when I head butted the mountain on the Isle of Man, these days I too only wear an Arai.
  16. Ah, an ST, my cousin had one years ago. It got stolen.
    Cracked..jeezuz! that's horrible. They did move the company back to Italy after Dainese bought them. Love their jackets. I have a replacement lid they sent from Italy waiting at my dads house. Haven't seen it for almost a year. Just meh. I don't understand how they make a racing flagship helmet without a visor lock.

    I have to replace my RX7 soon so will probably have to fall down a level and go with the Profile. I want an X12 as well. The RF1100 fits a rounder head better, and I have an intermediate oval. I had the X12 for a week and returned it..I guess I was used to the Arai feel. But I want to give it another try. Nothing wrong with variation.
    Great talking tou friend. Take care!
  17. You too mate, happy riding. :)
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