When setting up a hardware firewall, their are different interfaces. I am setting one up but have an issue with understanding one aspect. Their is an option for green and blue interfaces. Green being the internal network and blue being the wireless. When using the green interface is it possible to use the green interface with a wireless router so it can use both wired and wireless? In this case would i need to strip all DHCP configurations from the router or keep that since ipcop already has that capability?
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    I would say yes. I am assuming that they split wired and wireless into two different interfaces so that different policies can be applied to the two different networks. Wireless should be more secure and locked down then the wired in most cases.
  2. yeah i figured as much but do you think it would create added vulnerabilities? this one isn't important i would just like to know.
  3. If the firewall will do HDCP then I would turn off DHCP on any router added. This will keep everything on the same network.

    Make sure you set the wireless router security.
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