PSU Flashing

Hi there,

I booted up my PC this morning and i have done the usual problem fixes that i encounter on every boot, but im not here to ask about that.
After i powered down my PC and tried to reboot as normal, my PSU started to flash and made a small ticking noise.

The graphics card goes 100% fan and the monitor has no signal, the cpu fan is on and i think the hdd is but im not quite sure.

Ive tried

1. unplugging and replugging the motherboard cables
2. changed slots for the graphics card
3. tried a different graphics card
4. used the 30 sec boot thing

My specs as i know them

Q9550 at like 2.93ghz
ATI 5870
OCZ 1010w PSU

sorry thats all i know

Im pretty sure its the PSU failing but i it could be something else

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  1. What make power supply is it?
  2. saaiello said:
    What make power supply is it?

    Hi, Its a OCZ 1010 watt PSU, my mistake
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