Help with solid build for gaming

Hey this is going to be my second build, just got rid of my first low budget build so looking to build a new one.
It will be used mostly for gaming, internet, watching films and listening to music.

Budget is about €500-€700 ($600-$900).

Already have os vista ultimate, might upgrade to 7 later, and a 22" monitor. Also have a new xfx hd 4890 so might just use it unless someone recommends something else.

Was looking at a Q9650, Asus P5Q SE2 motherboard with 4gb of OCZ Fatal1ty edition 1066 of ram for €400.

Any suggestions would be great and also if you could recommend best places to buy, from Ireland and have been using ebay mostly
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  1. Sorry for double post
    Im also looking at the i7 870 might stretch my budget to get it
  2. Yes, don't go with Q9650, its old tech. An i5 750/760 would serve you much better.
    gkays build is pretty perfect, only thing I would change is the RAM to G Skill for £5 more as it is faster and lower latency

    If you need to save a bit of money, the Antec 300 may be an option for a case - £47
  3. ^ That GSKillz is a good one, but if you are comfortable with overclocking, then that Crucial would be my pick...You can easily set that RAM to run @ CAS 6 at that speed...Also if you check TOM's builds, nearly all those have these sets...

    As for the case, there are so many good choices and that Antec 300 that asteldian linked is one of them...So choose the one that suits your taste...
  4. Or if you are a cheap bastard like me choose one that suits your price :)
    Though I will warn you - don't skimp too much on the case, I did and one fan was too whiny and its a pain to reach to replace and I wish I just spent a little extra for something like the Antec
  5. Since u already have a decent HD 4890 on hand and a 22" Dipping lower than that min point of your budget range:
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