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Hello, I'm just got a custom computer build from the computer geek at BestBuy. This total build is a little over $5,000. I will share with you his hardware selections for your feedback. He selected a Asus Essentio Desktop CG 1330-05, a AMD 1090T 6 core processor, 2 2GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz Ram, 2 ATI HD 5750 1GB DDR5 graphics cards, 2 Western Digital 1.5TB SATA HDD, LG Blu-Ray multi drive, D-Link Wireless N Extreme, Creative soundblaster X-Fi Titanium, Hauppauge Dual Tuner, Rocketfish 900W modular power supply, and a Corsair A70 cooling fan. Ther peripherals would be a ViewSonic 27" 1ms monitor, Logitech X-540 5.1 sound system, Western digital 1TB external HDD + USB 3.0 and Linksys E3000. What is the group opinions of the aforementioned? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well, reading you paid a little over $5000 makes thnking of your ability to waste money much more exciting than you just simply setting fire to it.
  2. Uh, did you pay $5K for it or the mentioned $1500 in the title? If you paid $5K for it, you got ripped off.
  3. buwish said:
    Uh, did you pay $5K for it or the mentioned $1500 in the title? If you paid $5K for it, you got ripped off.

    Yes this professional build proposed by a BestBuy computer geek. Included in the $5000 was $360 worth of software, and another $660 of connect/protect plus a $400 labor charge to do the build. I have not given them the go ahead yet. This is "WHY" I am seeking feedback now on this forum. I plan on spending $5000 for my computer build but I want the most and best components I can find for that amount of money. I've never been into gaming, but I want a powerful desktop to do that and still have lots of memory and HD space. I record and save alot of movies and have huge music files. One file alone had 1,500 songs in it. My main question was what does everyone think of the hardware components the BestBuy geek proposed to use in my build? The hardware section for this build is supposed to be $2,900....if I can select better components for the hardware section meaning more storage and faster I would happily do that. The geek is the one who suggested the Asus essentio desktop CG 1330-05 and to use the AMD 1090T 6 core me this is all greek. Buwish everything and the components are probably clear as a bell to you, but to me dealing with this now is like trying to seek through muddy water. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Michael.....a newbie to this type of high performance desktop
  4. This computer is no where close to being worth $5000. I would avoid buying anything from Best Buy. This pc is the worst example of Best Buy's inflated prices that I've seen and you can purchase a much more powerful computer from another company or have one custom built.
  5. Agreed, that build is worth nowhere near $5000.

    If you would fill out the info requested in How to Ask for New Build Advice, I'm sure you could get a much better build suggested here.

    Even if you don't feel comfortable building it yourself (which would offer the best value), you could get a much better computer built at an online boutique retailer (like Digital Storm or Alienware or whatever) than that Best Buy build for the money.
  6. To give you an idea about the rip offered by whomever asked 5K for that build.
  7. badge said:
    To give you an idea about the rip offered by whomever asked 5K for that build.

    Hey, Badge

    I went to the local BestBuy and the so called best computer guru there designed this build along with the previously aforementioned components. I realize that between the labor ($400) and the initial connect/proack tie protection, (4 year geek squad black tie protection, data transfer, & in-home networking setup...$560) that this is accounting for almost $1,000 of the $5,000 build price. Not being performance computer wise is why I posted on this site for some feedback or enlightenment as to better hardware to go with.

  8. The next time I go to Best Buy I'll be sure to scratch their best guitar in the store to shreds against my belt buckle.
  9. Just don't need to spend $5000 to have a nice gaming pc. You can purchase a very good one for $1200-2000.

    If you stick with this price point you should be able to get better graphics cards such as the nVidia GTX 470s, an Intel i7 processor (their quad cores are better for gaming) and Solid state drives. I did some "napkin" math and came up with a $4000 pc (without the extra sofware and tech support) that is better.
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