GTX 480 with QX9770

I want to move my brother processor INTEL QX9770 to my media center PC and I want to buy a new graphics card for gaming. will the QX9770 will works good with the GTX 480? the GTX 480 is good graphics card for games?
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  1. You should be alright for the most part, I take it your be gaming at 1080P or higher?

    The GTX480 is 2nd only to the HD5970 so its great for games. Just make sure you have a quality 650W PSU and a well ventilated case.
  2. I am playing in TV 37 INCH full HD 1920X1080. The GTX 480 will run games on the highest settings with filters? and which PSU I need for this graphic card?
  3. Yes a GTX480 will run games on the highest settings at 1080P just fine.

    You'll need a quality 650W PSU or better, any 650W+ from corsair, seasonic, PC power and cooling, Antec or Enermax will do fine.

    Something like this:
  4. My case is Themaltake mozart VC4000SNS or will be Antec Sonata III 500. its good enough to the GTX 480?
  5. Both those cases are to small and would not be able to cool a GTX480.

    Something like this would be good enough
  6. So which car will be good for this cases and will run games on 1920X1080 in the highest settings?
  7. I'd recommend a HD5850 as its the same length as a ATX motherboard so it will fit in the Themaltake mozart VC4000SNS, it also runs alot cooler and you only need a quality 500W PSU to run it, However its not as fast as a GTX480 but will handle games at 1080P fine.
  8. and what about the 5870 or the GTX470? they will be good?
  9. The GTX470 runs hot, just like the GTX480 so I wouldn't recommend it for a Micro ATX or midi tower case. And the HD5870 is 11 inches long which I think will be to long to fit inside your choosen cases.
  10. ok thanks
  11. Your welcome.
  12. Well the 5870 is basically the same length due to the placement of the 6-pins, however the 5850 is still a better buy.
  13. which is better the HD5850 or GTX 470?
  14. The GTX470 performs between the HD5850 and HD5870, but like I said earlier it runs really hot and I don't think either of your two chosen cases would cool it well enough
  15. so the 5850 will be the best choice? will it run games on the highest settings in 1080P with filters and DX11? which PSU I need for 5850? can I do overclocking for 5850?
  16. Yes the 5850 is very overclockable, maxing out the CCC sliders is easy, most people have gotten it to 900MHz core (many to 950-1000+).
  17. so the 5850 is better buying than the GTX 470?
  18. There is no 'absolute' answer for what is 'best'.
    For anything being used as a htpc, the 5850 is a better fit.
  19. and which company or version of 5850 is good?
  20. If you live in America then a XFX would be a good choice as it has a double lifetime warranty. There really isn't much difference between the brands.

    I'd recommend this:
  21. and sapphire its good too?
  22. All my recent cards have been sapphire and did not disappoint me. If you want to buy sapphire get the vapor-x version because it stays cooler under overclock and the fan produces less noise.

    If not, i know many that have bought XFX witch gives you double life time warranty. As for reliability i can not say anything, i have not used their products yet.

    The vapor-x is not present on new egg at the time i wrote this message only the toxic version witch is overclocked. You can wait for it to appear or buy the XFX witch also is good.
  23. Yeah nothing wrong with Sapphire either :)
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