What is up with this? I didn't even know there were any 4TB WD Drives besides the RE (which IIRC is a good drive right and also like 500 bucks..)

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  1. Most likely two 2TB drives raided together. They only have the RE 4TB, but then again, since WD does own Hitachi now, it could be a Hitachi drive in their enclosure.
  2. Ohh yikes, thats a scary thought. So I'm assuming NewEgg just has an incorrect picture up then then? As that is clearly a picture of a one drive enclosure.
  3. Probably is fitted with a hitachi 4tb drive
  4. What kind of quality are they? I really don't need 4TB, but I'm at a crossroads with what to get. I need 3TB, but it seems like the Seagates are loud, the WDs have a higher failure rate (unless they are Red drives), and I don't know much about Hitachi.
  5. Any other knoweldge on this or the quality of Hitachi drives?
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