Sabertooth X58 RAID on SATA III (6mb/s)

Sabertooth X58 Windows 7 Prof 64 with 6 BG RAM

I am trying to install OS on Crucial C4 SSD 64mg in RAID 0 Sata III (6gb/s)

MOBO set to AHCI -- Marvel on Post indicates RAID 0 on Sata III (6gb/s) But when windows boots up drive looks like it has 128gb. I though on RAID 0 it would only be 64MB. How can I know for sure I am running in RAID mode?

Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device has yellow warning on Device Manager.
Under Disk Drives MARVELL Raid VD 0 ATA Device is working.
Under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers Intel(r) ICH10 Family 6 Port AHCI Controller - 3A22 is working.

Do I need to start from scratch? Do I need to reinstall OS with Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device installation?
Can I just load the Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device drivers now?

Little help please!!
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  1. So if i understand correctly you have 2 x Crucial SSD's in RAID 0 and for that 128gb is correct (look up RAID 0). To what controller are the two HDD's connected atm (Marwell as i can see). On what controller did you created the RAID? Do you want to use RAID or AHCI. I would use the Intel controller for RAID as it gives better performance. Regarding SSD and RAID there could be issues with TRIM so you need to look it up.
  2. I think I am on Raid but I am not sure. As stated above windows shows I have 128mb - this should only be 64mb if truely on Raid 0.
    I would like to use the Intel controller but I am not sure if it will run Raid on the Sata III.
  3. Edit crucial M4 64 mb ssd
  4. there are no problems at all. If you are shown 128 GB then you are in raid and running raid 0.

    In raid 0 half of the data is written on each drive at the same time. Same for reading. Therefore you keep the size of both disks while nearly doubling speed.

    In raid 1 however, you write the same data on two disks at one, no performance gain and only the capacity of one disk.
  5. I have this motherboard and a vertex OCZ SSD. Read Write speeds using the SATA 3 port are slower than the SATA2 ports. I have checked that everything is configured as per the manual and that I have the latest drivers for both the motherboard and the Marvell SATA 3 port. There appears to be a problem with the Marvell port. The fastest Speeds I can get are arounf 100MB/s. I should be getting 400-500MB/s at least.
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