Trying to upgrade to a larger HD on Dell 640m


Ok, This is the first time Ive ever gone to a place like this for help, I hope someone will know the answer. I have a Dell 640m with that factory installed 160gb HD. I purchased a new WD 500gb and used Acronis to image the drive. It appeared to work fine. When i put install the 500gb into the computer it started seemingly fine however at 110gb not the 465 I was expecting. I pulled the drive out used a USB interface and looked at it from another computer and true enough only 110gb. Went to computer management to locate the remaining GB and even there it showed only 110gb. I guess is that the 640m BIOS wrote to the new drive and limited its size (For what ever reason). So the question is can I correct this and get my remaining GB's back?
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  1. See Q7(b):
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