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Dell Inspiron 2400 mouse won't work

I'm working on an Inspiron 2400 but can't get the mouse to work. Tried PS2, won't work. Tried optical USB, mouse light comes on but cursor still won't respond. Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Does the OS recognize that the device is plugged in?
  2. mister g said:
    Does the OS recognize that the device is plugged in?

    Hello. Thanks for your response. I can't do any exploring because of the mouse being uncooperative. Can't point it to open Device Manager. Not even in Safe Mode. I'm thinking that it might have a virus because, interestingly, all the Desktop icons disappeared. Can't even create new ones. But I can't even install my own AV software to clean it up. Any suggestions before I junk it? Thanks!
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    The mouse input is a core thing in the OS and that not working is highly unusual if the mouse s receiving power but not a signal. As to all the desktop items I can't explain that, i'd agree with your assertion about the virus but a virus doing that is kind of counter-intuitive as most don't really don't want to be found(for nefarious purposes). PCs with viruses stop functioning well(fast) when too many accumulate, try to reformat the drive and reinstall Windows(you don't need a mouse here hit F12 when you boot and follow prompts with keyboard)
  4. Thanks for your help. I did reformat the drive and reinstalled the OS. Lost some data, but got the computer working again for my neighbor. It's an old, slow machine, but she doesn't need it for more than basic functions. Next time it breaks down, I'll just tell her to get a replacement.
  5. Or a cheap CPU or GPU upgrade from eBay, or RAM or if she likes the machine an SSD.
  6. Thank you. Have a good day. :)
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