Permanent lines across screen?.. Help...

*Running 2x 7600 GT (old, I know :P).

Hey guys,

I was playing a game and it crashed and couldn't move anything on the screen so I restarted my PC. When I did this, the screen looked messed up with some lines and missing text when the PC is starting.

Now I can see pink/purple vertical lines; small in length but there's different rows of them.

I tried a different monitor and I get the same thing. Normal windows mode wont start as the screen just goes to standby after the Windows Welcome screen.

I'm using VGA mode now but Safe Mode also works.

Any idea's?.. it seems messed up.

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  1. Hey :)
    Have you checked both cards in single mode ? does this problem exist in single mode ?
  2. Hey,

    I currently have it in the top GFX card but wont work in the bottom one. Do I have to disable Sli for it to work in that one?

    Thanks for your interest :wahoo:
  3. You mentioned you are running 2 7600GTs,so how come you can't use one of the cards in the bottom PCI-E slot ?
  4. I put it in but doesn't work.

    I can't disable Sli now as it says I'm not connected to a Nvidia CPU when trying to open Nvidia Control Panel.

    It's weird considering the game crashed and now this.

    I've tried reinstalling drivers too but to no avail.

    I can't take the graphics card out neither as I've no key for the case lol.
  5. Ok got it sorted.

    I blew into the back panel and it somehow worked.

    Thanks for your help :).
  6. Glad its working fine then
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