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I just brought the Athlon ii x3 on Newegg and i read the feedback for it and i saw some People talking about when unlock the 4 core and turns it into a Phenom ii x4.I thought that the Athlon ii x3 dosent have L3 cache.Also does L3 Cache Really matter cause i was looking at some benchmarks and The Athlon ii x3 and 4 was really close to the Phenom when at the same clock speed,So if my Athlon ii x 3 is 3.1ghz is it better than a Phenom at a 2.9ghz.Also is the 4850 good with a Athlon ii x3

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  1. mine overclocks well too , I can get 3.5 ghz out of it on stock voltage and fan , idling at 42 c , at this speed it keeps up with most phenoms
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