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I accidentally flashed my bios causing a hardware raid 10 system to fail (2 disks got booted out of the array) and after a couple days of working on it, I was able to make the solution in this thread work (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/285580-32-please-hold-raid-recoverable). Basically I removed all disks from the raid, recreated the raid and then did a partition recovery to restore it.

However, the problem is that it's a 3tb (2.7) array and was almost completely full (2.65) when the accident happened. After recovery, the drive is only appearing to be 2/3 full (1.8gb). I've looked around and I seem to have everything, but it's hard to tell for sure. All the directories appear to be there. I'm a photographer and there are probably 300,000 images on the drive, so it would be pretty easy for a large number to slip by. So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this and if anyone can shed some light on the subject? Did I recover the partition wrong? Could there have been ghost data on my drive from moving stuff through Lightroom? Maybe the ghost data got reset after I recovered the partition? Any ideas are welcome. I'm copying the files to another drive for now and crossing my fingers. I did notice recently a similar error with an external hard drive where it wouldn't release space even though the files left on the drive weren't taking it up. I had to reformat that drive to get it to work right again.
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  1. Those programs that recover files or partitions by writing data directly to the disk where the original files resided are extremely dangerous. When something goes wrong, the original data is altered and it's very hard (or ever impossible) to repair the situation.
    For your case, it's hard to say much without deep inspecting the RAID. I'd scan the RAID using Restorer Ultimate from Bitmart and see its findings. Most likely, raw file search is your only hope. Unfortunately, file names and other info are lost when this technique is used, so you'll have to manually browse from all those files.
    Restorer Ultimate isn't free, but you may test it before buying it by previewing your images.
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