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Good afternoon.

I currently have an older SR1820NX that has suited its purpose pretty well until recently, and I'm trying to decide if I want to upgrade it further or build/buy a new one.

My current config is pretty much all stock except for 1.5 gigs of RAM and I disabled the onboard Nvidia and replaced it with a Sapphire 4670 card. Everything that I need to do right now I can do well with this config, however there are some games (in particular Civ V) coming out or that are out now that I'm interested in playing, and I am pretty much positive that I won't be able to do with this system. Other than a playing a couple of older games, I mostly use Photoshop, encode video, compile code, and use virtualization.

With that in mind, is it going to be worth the money to invest in a motherboard, RAM, CPU (etc), and possibly a PSU, or would I be better off using the money to invest in a pre-built system?

Thanks for your opinions.
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  1. I should also mention that my budget is tight, probably only around 400-500 dollars USD.
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  3. $461AR
  4. batuchka said:

    dude that motherboard is sh**
  5. TA785G3HD OC/Unlock enthusiast review
  6. Thank you. That looks like a pretty good build for less than I would have expected.
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