830 SSD low benchmarks

Hello, i just got my 830 ssd today and im getting high acct times and a lil lower speeds than what most people get.
I'm using 890gxm-g65 motherboard, and its on the sata 3 port.
also, using windows 8 and already ran magician software. thx
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  1. Anand's review.


    Your write times are great. They said up to 400MBps and you are at 401 so no problems there. Read times are listed as "up to" 520MBps and you are at 470. You'll never hit the full 520, or at least its normal to be a bit shy. You are only 50MBps slower so I wouldn't be to concerned. Looking at what you get and what its supposed to do, I don't think your scores are that off.
  2. I agree with 4745454b. You are well within acceptable limits.

    Don't worry! Be Happy! :)
  3. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: Don't worry, be happy now. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    Easy now Bobby....
  4. Thanks guys, altho i can't quite that much difference between my old HDD and this :(!
  5. Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean not much difference playing games or something else?

    Also, What is the brand name and model of your motherboard?
  6. Well, i notice about 50% faster in booting to win8, but thats pretty much all. Don't notice anything at all in games, motherboard is kinda *** (msi 890gxm-g65) but thats what i'll use until 2014 or so :(!
  7. What's the rest of your system? If you have a slow(er) CPU or small amount of ram the transferring of data from the drive might not have been the bottle neck.
  8. Mines "slow". Benches are fine, Program installs are faster, CPU and ram are fine, game loads have little to no difference. SSDs are really over rated unless you sit there counting the seconds in everything or had an.abysmal harddrive to start
  9. Can't believe I'm hearing this SSD's overrated. The thing that slows you the most is windows having windows on a SSD really helps with I/O performance, loading, and snappyness in general.
  10. @unksol, i agree. I'm kinda disappointed in buying a $200 thing that wont improve that much, except the fast as hell bootup. Oh well, thanks guys.
    btw, my cpu is amd phenom x4 @3.5ghz and 6gb of ram. i guess i have less lags where it used to stop completely for a few secs with a hdd.
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