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Static/crackly audio. I dont know whats wrong anymore?

Alright, well to begin with, while listening to music or really doing something that produces audio on my computer the sound will occasionally start getting very static or crackly for no reason at all. Here are my specs:

Creative SB X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty driver v.
Logitech z-5500
Windows 7 32-bit
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition

Now, I dont think the speakers are at fault because while gaming on my PS3 (optical cables) with them, the sound doesn't mess up at all.

Heres what i tried to do for troubleshooting:
Unplugged optical cable from PS3 and plugged into Fatal1ty SB= After a while the sound still got static.
Instead of plugging the 3.5mm audio cables into the Fatal1ty SB, i plugged them into the on-board one= Still get static
Plugged optical cable into on-board SB= Still get static.

As you can see, everything seems ruled out! Please help in any way that you can because I really want my sound back to the way it used to be.
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    Go in the application and disable all that's "in". Line-in, etc. If this doesn't work uninstall the drivers and try this one:
  2. And if that doesn't work :)
    Go to the Playback Devices from the Speaker icon in the Taskbar to your extreme Right, go to speakers, advanced and set the default format to 16bit , 44100Hz (CD Quality)
    And then give it a try...
    see if it continues and give us an update
  3. I suspect the Creative card. Remove the drivers, remove the card, and the issue will most likely go away entirely. Since Creative is always the most likely suspect, lets eliminate them first.
  4. Alright, thanks for all the help. Ill install the drivers given by mosox and if that doesn't work thenill just go down the list by removing the card, rolling back drivers, etc.
  5. two thoughts: 1 - it could be cell phone interference. does anyone in the house use an old cell phone? If so, bring it near the computer and make a call.

    2 - I had an old old computer that had some bad driver that wasn't the sound card. data was getting sent to the sound card instead of to ram or the HD, etc... the static in the speakers maybe symptomatic of a different issue. if you play a game VS leaving the computer idle, is there a difference in static?
  6. Ok with al the maybe's and if's and but's... the bottom line is actually that the static in the speakers can be caused due to very few reasons.....
    Firstly and the most common one is a FAN, any of the fans on the inside can end up causing such sounds to come from the speakers,
    Secondly , a loose contact ..., badly placed card, too close to a fan...
    and thirdly the 16Bit and 24Bit headache.....

    So you can check out the three options and let us know the results....
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