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So i got the Antec Spot Cool 3-pin fan (See here: http://store.antec.com/Product/cooling-cooling_fan/spot-cool/0-761345-75018-9.aspx) which looks very cool but performs mediocre. Its gettin close to haloween and I'm thinking of pulling it out of the case and modding it for my cyberpunk haloween costume. The concept is that it would sit over my heart and gently oscillate on and off like a cyborg heartbeat while keeping me cool after dancing :P. My research so far reveals that a 3 pin fan can be powered by a 9 volt battery. Can someone confirm this?

Also I dont know enough yet about electronics to know however how to have a circuit that would oscillate power to this lovely fan. Any reason why this wouldnt work: http://www.redcircuits.com/Page26.htm

Hope this isnt too far off topic for the moderators and my apologies if it is...
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  1. Anything below 12v pretty much will power a standard PC fan. People often do 5v/7v mods to lower the speed of the fan, so 9v would work essentially the same, just lowering the speed slightly however.

    A circuit like that could possible work. It wouldn't "oscillate", but would pulse on and off. You also need to make sure that that circuit provides enough current (didn't bother looking at it, that's your job :D)
  2. it will work fine
  3. You could take apart one of those new sensor activated air fresheners and hook the fan up to that, they only activate every so often and that might give the random effect you're after
  4. thanks all for the responses- this is very helpful. The look i'm going for is like that of the front light of the macbook pro- fading into full brightness, plateauing , fading out of full brightness, plateauing off and so on. its helpful to know that voltage oscillation results in a shift in fan speed (and I assume led brightness).

    I'd be happy to buy a prebuilt circuit that will accomplish this task... Unfortunately my research so far hasnt helped me locate such a circuit- would anyone geekier than me suggest the technical term for what I'd be looking for? If a simple enough circuit can accomplish this, then schematics would work too and it might be fun to build...
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