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I'm not sure if this is the right area for this, sorry if it's not. Yesterday my media computer started seeing my HDMI as unplugged in the sound manager. It's a W7 system with onboard ATI 3000 video. The system sees the HDMI audio, but shows it as unplugged, the video works normally.

I can't set HDMI as default because of the unplugged status. I tried reloading the drivers, re-seating the connector. Any ideas? Thanks
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  1. Try using another HDMI cable to determine if the cable is bad

    If there are other audio devices connected to the PC, a hardware/driver conflict can prevent the desired HDMI audio device from working correctly. Check the device manager to determine if there are any issues / conflicts highlighted for any listed devices
    Right click on My Computer
    Select Manage
    In the left navigation pane, select Device Manager
    Look for any notifications listed, usually marked by a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark
    Right click on any item that is marked, select Properties
    In the General tab, select the option to Troubleshoot
    Follow the troubleshooting steps to determine how to resolve the issue / conflict

    The motherboard’s BIOS settings may need to be configured to allow for the desired audio device work correctly
    Refer to the motherboards manual or contact the manufacturer to determine the proper configuration for audio BIOS settings

    A defective graphics card can prevent the desired HDMI audio device from working correctly
    Try to connect another HDMI capable device to the HDTV using the same cable and input to determine if the audio works

    If the audio works with an alternate HDMI device, the graphics card in the computer may be at fault. Contact the place of purchase to obtain warranty on the graphics card

    source : http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/GPU70NoAudiofromHDTV.aspx
  2. Thank you, I already ordered a new HDMI cable to test that and checked over that stuff. Hopefully it's just a bad cable, and not the motherboard HDMI jack.
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