What program can I use to control the amout of time users stay on a shared inter

We have a small network that allows people to access the internet. We currently use Kerio to control users but we cannot control the amount of time each user is logged in. Sometimes people leave their internet on and it keeps others from using. What program works well to control both the amout data and the amount of time that a user has been on the system?
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  1. Why do you limit it to just one person at a time on the internet? I have not heard of Kerio before so I don't know how it works.
  2. Sorry I didn't make it clear. Kerio has you purchase license in a block. We have 25 licenses but for some reason it will not release the license until their wireless signal has been off for 15 minutes. So we have licenses tied up by people not logged into the system.
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