Very high temperatures...

iya Folks,

I have been experiencing crashes Whenever I start a game (Mafia II, Starcraft II) and other high end games ... my pc shuts off without warning. It just clicks off and I would have to physically press the power button to boot it back up.

It is rather frustrating. I assumed it was the PSU (which was 500W) and I upgraded to a 700W recently. It seems to have done nothing as I am still idling my gfx card @ 75-80.

What is the problem?


Gfx Card: ATI HD4850
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz
Motherboard: Intel DG31PR
OS: W7

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  1. do you have any case fans, it seems like everything in there is burning up. Check your temps in BIOS, also open up the case and clean out the dust, blow it out of the heatsinks, that should drop your temps a bit.
  2. I have one case fan.

    This is an older pc that I've been upgrading slowly...

    The only components I have not upgraded are:

    CASE: I am still using the old case from 3 years ago... it is a regular case.

    I am not sure what to do here...

    Also, I experience a lot of HANGS when restarting windows... so much so that it is one of my hated pc-related activities (rebooting) as it is a game of luck whether orn ot I'll be let back into windows (and then usually it runs fine once I'm in) I am running Windows 7 home...

  3. what was that?
  4. open up your case and clean it out

    pick up some extra case fans...check to make sure the HSF and other fans are working properly
  5. jasonp12 said:
    open up your case and clean it out

    pick up some extra case fans...check to make sure the HSF and other fans are working properly

    ^ This

    Clean out your computer with a can of air.
  6. Dg31BIOS does not specify if the temperatures are in celcius or farenheit that seem to be more logical.
  7. If that screen shot was at Idle, then no wonder it's giving problems. Core 0 and 1 temps should be around mid to upper 30's. 62 C at max load (running prime 95). My E6400 OCed to 3.2 only reaches about 58 C running intel's TAT (Higher load than using prime 95). Might try using CPUID HWMonitor just to see if both programs show the same temps.

    If you have had the PC shut down do to problems multiple times, then once you get the problem fix, reload windows.
  8. Yes clean up your computer first then try changing the thermal paste of your Processor and CPU Cooler then go to your BIOS, check the hard ware monitor is the temp are ok. From what I see on the figure I think you don't have a good CPU cooler and also try improving your case ventilation.
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