Power cable for installing a new Radeon hd 5830 and

Hi, I've just bought myself a new powercolour hd5830. It requires a dual 6 pin connector for power. My system has an available 6 pin connector cable sourced directly from the PSU and from this cable, there is an extension for another 6 pin connector. The question is, should i connect both of the 6 pin connector to my GPU or should i use another 6 pin connector which is source directly from the PSU? I asked this as i was told that connecting a 6 pin connector which is an extension of the 1st 6 pin connector may caused the GPU to be underpowered and thus underperformed.

Any thoughts are welcome. I understand this sounds a little complicated, but i hope you experts can understand me. Thanks
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  1. It is better to use separate cables from the PSU.
  2. Alright then, thanks for the answer
  3. i've got a 700 watt PSU. It just so happens i've only got only 1 6 pin connector cable from my PSU.
    I guess i need to buy a 4-pin peripheral connectors to 6 pin connector.
  4. I've got another question on the 6 pin cable. =)

    I've been searching online for a 4 pin peripheral connector to 6 pin connector and i've found 2 types.
    a) 1 4pin molex to 6 pin pci-e power adapter
    b)2 4 pin molex to 6 pin pci-e power adapter

    Are there any difference?
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