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hello friends...currently i'm using the cooler master USP casing...and i thought of buying a new one as this chassis have quite bad performance(i think)..

pleasee2, i'm asking all of u for the best n great chassis...with reasonable price lol....
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  1. Corsair 800D or Cooler Master HAF X - High-end

    Cooler Master HAF 922 - Best price to performance case (size, features & cooling) IMO
  2. I love my Antec 1200...
  3. Give your rig details and price margin.. And what is your idea of a great case.?
  4. Antec 1200, Antec Lan Box, Antec DF series. Coolermaster HAF series Corsair obsidian. There are so many good ones.
  5. ok friends, i just bought myself a CM HAF 932..pretty big though, but its cool!...hehe
  6. Not too bad of a choice... :)
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