Program to Regulate Fan Speed?

Hello, I built my system about 1.5 years ago. I have a HIS Radeon 4870 and recently I noticed it was idling in the low 70s Celsius, which I realize is too high. Is there a program that will automatically adjust the gpu's fan speed depending on what I am doing so I don't always have to mess with it before gaming etc.
I have cleaned it also btw. Additionally, I hate catalyst control center because without it installed I can play old games like starcraft using "maintained aspect ratio" but with catalyst center no matter what I do the game won't scale properly. So I'll probably be getting rid of catalyst and trying out rivatuner.

edit: I should note that I am mainly concerned with having the video card's fan speed controlled since it is the part I am worried is running too hot. Seems like it's easier to control the cpu's fan than the gpu's from my brief look into the subject.
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  1. Speedfan. Other apps like Ati Tray Tools let you set profiles as does Rivatuner i beleive.

  2. thanks, i'm checking out speedfan right now

    also, GPU Diode (MemIO) is always the hottest temperature in my gpu, is that the one people consider when referencing gpu temperatures in general?

    edit: Upon starting speedfan it identified my OS as Windows Vista even though I am running Windows 7 which is a bit weird, but hopefully doesn't matter.
  3. Take a look here this guy knows his stuff i have worked on prodjects with him before.

    The OS thing isnt a surprise the two are not really that differant.

  4. thanks, Speedfan doesn't seem to be detecting my video card though, I'll try going through the tutorial to see if that helps
  5. just thought I'd post what I ended up finding

    Using MSI Afterburner, seems very good so far for what I want and is easy to use.
  6. Quote:
    How do you run your card without catalyst installed.i mean its the driver how do u play games without it

    If you look here and click on the Video card drivers link you will see you can download the Catalyst sweet or Individual components.
    I have often run with just the driver and not the CCC. I used other programs for teh higher functions as they gave access to more options while i was doing some research into Quality settings.
    CCC is more than fine for everyday usage but sometimes you need more control.

  7. I used to use ATI Tray Tools. It was a while ago back with the X1950Pro a group of us did some tweaking, the results were pretty amasing, but these days you can get all the card you need for any game as long as you dont insist on stupid levels of detail on huge resolution monitors. Oblivion back then was a killer to all but the top end PC's and so midrange setups needed all the help they could get. Heck i even played Crysis to a reasonable (thats down to tehe individual i know)on an old X series card when it first came out.
    Edit for spelling
    Mactronix :)
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