Can't use my 3.5 IDE drive as an External Drive on my laptop

Hi Everyone, I have here 3.5" 80gb Seagate Hard drive and I want it to use as an external drive ..
I bought a HDD Enclosure and used it on my laptop ..but the problem is, It's now working ..
I can't even see it on my Computer ..Is there anyone could help me setting this drive??Please I need your helped ..
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  1. It's connected via usb to you laptop? And you use the poer supply that came with the enclosure? And the disk is spinning? Then goto disk management and check if it shows up there. If yes, but as raw space, right click in it, create a partition and format it.
  2. Did you jumper the drive as Master?

    How does Microsoft's UVCView utility see the external drive?
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