Connect gateway router to gateway router

I am trying to create a lan using a switch to connect 2 routers.

My network is like this: Cable modem - into switch (unmanaged)- splits into 2 routers. Seperate WAN Ips for each router.

Router: A - DHCP enabled - subnet
Router: B - DHCP enabled - subnet

Router: A issues IP's - -

Router: b issues IP's - -

How do I access my files connected to router B from Computers connected to router a? Can you help me?
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  1. Both routers are in the same subnet. You need to adjust the gateway address and subnet mask. Something like router A is 0.1 and assigns 0.2 through 0.100. Router B is 0.101 and assigns 0.102 through 0.200. These numbers may not be precisely on a boundary, and you need to calculate a netmask, but that should work for you.
  2. Look in the router config pages and see if there is a way to setup an IP route to each router.
    Is there a reason why you have the switch in there? You could run it router -> router. This way the routers would know about each other. You could still set each one up as you have it so you would only have one network.
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