How can I know my ISP password that they gave to me?

I have finished my word document and I need to send to my teacher's email.But I wasn't able to send it 'cause it requires a profile,and to be able to make a new profile,I must go to the Control Panel then click the "Mail" icon.
But when I was about to made it,it requested to "Type the password your Internet service provider has given you".
And since I don't know what is it about,I tried to search in Google's,in Wikipedia,in other websites but I still don't got the correct point that I want.
Someone told me to contact my "something" so that I can ask them to reset my password,but I have no fuss about that "calling-calling".
Please help me found out my ISP password,I don't know how to figure it out.Your answers will surely be appreciated!!!

By: Cathleen Ala
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  1. Just create an account with Gmail.

    Simple, safe and easy to use, no need to set up the windows mail.
  2. ^ +1 to that

    you can create a new email account in gmail/yahoo/etc.

    but if you still want to know your dial-up passowrd. Download "Software Information for windows" and you might get the password under
    Network > RAS connection >
  3. Or contact your service provider. They can either find it or reset it, and they will be able to point you to instructions on setting up your email software.
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