Intel h61,h67 and p67

want to buy a motherboard of any brand(from msi,asus,gigabyte and intel)
for the processor core i5 2400 -saw that there are different chipsets
h61,p67 and h67
it seems to me that only the presence of a good processor,solid state drive and graphic card affect performance significantly.
and i want to run all parts at stock speed.
so do these chipsets being different affect the overall performance?
is there anything else these chipsets do apart from simply connecting all the components in the pc?
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  1. P67 is good choice
  2. if u r going to by i5-2400 than don't go for p67 coz it doesn't support the integrated graphics of processor......go for h67.

  3. or you should go for the z68 chipset offers features of both p67 and h67, it is the combination of both.
  4. I would love to get this info too cos i have the same dilemna.
    i am in the process of building a new system and would appreciate if someone can help.

    Budget - 1000 (max)

    definite purchase:-

    6950 2GB from ASUS - 290
    Antec EA650 PSU - 75
    i3-2120 - 130
    ripjaws X 8GB 1333 - 42
    ASUS MT276HE 27" - 230

    still mulling over:-
    GIGABYTE GA-H61M-DS2 - 55 or
    GIGABYTE GA-Z68M-D2H - 105 or
    GIGABYTE GA-P67A-D3 - 105

    Now if there is not a considerable performance difference between the 3 chipsets then i would go with H61 and use the 50 bucks for a 2.5TB HDD instead of 0.5TB

    Can someone advice???
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