New build frequent BSODs

Hi, I recently built a new PC for a friend with the following components which are all brand new:
i7 860
GA-P55m-UD2 Motherboard
G.skill 1600 7-8-7-24 2 X 2 Gb
Radeon 5770
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1Tb
OCZ 600W ModXstream PSU

I've installed Windows 7 on it but have had constant blue screen errors from the start. Sometimes they happen as soon as the PC boots in to windows, other times it works for hours with no problems. I have uploaded the minidumps here. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Specifically, which set of G.Skill RAM did you purchase? Looking at Newegg and what they have to offer that matches your RAM's specs, I see a set at 1.65V and a set at 1.35V. Specifications for that motherboard (from Gigabyte's web site) call for 1.5V RAM modules. That would be my first cause for concern (but I admit, I don't know TOO much about RAM compatibility other than what the motherboard specs state).

    Other than that, I would suspect a faulty driver installation that could probably be resolved by a clean format/re-install of Windows 7.

    -Wolf sends <--- Gigabyte product specifications <--- Matching RAM modules <--- Matching RAM modules
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