I have : Maxtor Periperals PTE
Model :Personel Storage 3100

Is this the right pover supplye ? : Plextor AC Adaptor Model:SQN36W12P-01

Terribel sound when power the harddrive, and connecting to PC
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  1. The specs seem to be very similar to the OEM adaptor, but why are you using a Plextor adaptor with a Seagate unit?

    Did the external drive work with the original power supply?
  2. Thanks for reply, but do you now for sure if i can use this power supply
  3. Presuming the polarity is the same, the specs are similar (12V at 2.0A). Most replacement Personel Storage 3100 OEM PSU replacement are 3.0A, but a few sites also sell a 2.0A unit; therefore I'll presume that 2.0A is enough.

    Did it work fine with the original PSU?
  4. The polarity is indeed the same (centre pin positive):


    Identifying Maxtor External Storage Power Supplies:
  5. As you can see, the Plextor PSU meets the requirements. Did that external drive work before or is it a unit that you got for free and hope to get working?
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