Can you merge 2 partitions from different HDDs?

Hi everyone.

I have a question/issue with merging partitions. This is my current setup:

Win7 64bit

HDD1: C partition (50GB, boot) - D partition (1,30TB)
HDD2: E partition (2.80TB)

My question: is it possible to virtually merge partition D & E to 1 partition so I have 1 big backup partition? And how (what kind of software) would I need?

Bonus questions:
a) Is it possible to do this without erasing my boot partition C?
b) Same question for the data on drive E (although I have another backup of this data so that wouldn't be a big problem if this wasn't possible)

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  1. To merge two partitions they must be on the same physical drive, and they must be contiguous (ie next to each other).
    There's no way to "virtually" merge partitions which don't meet those criteria.
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