650watt enough for GTX460 1gb, 4gb ram???

Hi All,

I am wondering if a Corsair 650watt is enough for the following system???

Note that everything is stock speed

Asus P7P55D-E-LX
Intel i5 760 2.8
EVGA 1GB super cloked
4gb kit 1600mhz Corsair Dominator C7
320GB Western digital HD
LG Sata DVD burner

Now i was thinking its more than enough but system kept freezing and the shop swapped ram to C9 dominator and kept freezing, then used 1333mhz ram and worked alright but i wanted 1600mhz.

They the replaced MB and still same freezing issue then installed a GW Greatwall 900watt and stopped freezing, and im thinking that my system cannot use that much juice......

Iv asked them to go Corsair 750watt and see how that goes but there must be an issue with something else, as toms hardware System build Marathon $1000.00 enthusiast PC is basically the same.,2735.html

What do u guyz think???
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  1. More than enough and a great choice of PSU.
  2. Assuming its a good quality unit, yes its plenty. a no name brand or crappy unit will have trouble, but a decent unit like a corsair will handle the job perfectly.
  3. Corsair is an excellent PSU brand and 650 watts is way too much compared to what your components need.. No point going higher.. In fact, there will be no harm if you could step low and get the Corsair VX 550W.. It'll work like a charm.. As for the RAM issue, refer to your board compatible memory list and pick one accordingly.. Not to say that other modules won't work, it is more like a safe and sure approach..
  4. I thougt the 650watt was enough so then why does it freeze on the dominator 1600mhz C7 4gb kit??? but then works with 1333mhz???

    Then same combo but with 900watt and then works with dominator 1600mhz C7???

    Would i notice a difference if i go down to a 1333mhz from the 1600mhz domintor C7???

    Please note

    They replaced MB and tried dominator C9 ram as well with same issues at 650watt
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    to sort your RAM problems, i would suggest double checking the latencies and voltage.
  6. How would these settings make it freeze???

    ps im not familair with latencies and voltage and how it affects the system......

    Should they be factory spec???
  7. The settings would make it freeze if it's not got enough voltage to keep the signal integrity or it's trying to run too quick.

    They're set in the BIOS.
  8. how do I find out the factory settings? And should they be set as factory?
  9. Try running your BIOS with reduced settings.. Turn OFF Turbo and don't run memory at XMP settings.. Your motherboard specs show support for 1600 MHz memory without any overclock.. So irrespective of CAS timings, it should work without a problem..
  10. I'll ask the shop if they have done what u mentioned and if not I'll suggest them to try.

    Any negatives running a bigger PSU than what I need?
  11. Do u guyz think maybe bad PSU???
  12. mickyyyy said:
    Do u guyz think maybe bad PSU???

    Possibly.. But how it fails to run with 1600 MHz RAM modules while running fine with 1333 MHz is out of my understanding..
  13. I dont get it either as 650watt is more than enough so if they change MB and ram and settings are all good, then i would say PSU could possibly not be working correctly.

    They also thought it may the my OS (windows XP SP2) and i think they were going to try windows 7 to see what happens, but i dont get the relation and how it would affect it......
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