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Hi I was wondering if it was possible that this setting is causing game lockups. I don't have multiple displays but this is the default setting in my Nvidia control panel. Does it matter having it set this way?
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  1. I really dont think it matters,it was set that way for quite a while in my nvidia control panel before i noticed it and i havent had any problems ever with it set that way,though i did eventually change it to single display mode anyway and didnt notice any difference in performance on my 8800 gts
  2. Thanks for the response. The stability on this card hasn't been great and I'm not sure what it could be anymore. I've updated every driver I can think of and according to windows system logs I'm still getting some sort of driver or hardware related error=/.
  3. it could be your vid drivers,but it could also be your memory,next time you change drivers try using driver cleaner to remove all traces of previous drivers and then see if you have any lockups,also if you have any spare memory try using that and see if you have the same problem.also make sure your memory modules are seated properly and or the video card........
  4. oh and make sure your memory timings are set correctly in the bios,try running mem test for a few hours and see if it comes up with any errors....
  5. Oh I've tryed everything you can think of. Ran windows memory diagnostic already with the extended tests twice-no errors. This only occurs in a couple of games..one of them it always occurs within 1-20 minutes of play. The other is only if I have it at high settings.

    Strange thing really. I can play oblivion at high settings and counterstrike source...no errors from those. I have used driver sweeper..infact I reinstalled windows just to see if I could rectify this issue and it didn't work.

    Never seen the heat on this card get much higher then 70C. And I know 9800GTs are capable of taking some pretty hot temps. I can run benchmarks and stress tests up to 80-85C without any issues.

    Nvidia support has been absolutely useless in helping with this. I've even tryed reverting back to older drivers to see if it was a bug in the newest drivers and NO LUCK. I've really tryed everything in the book almost.

    I never had any issues with ATI=/.
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