How to move Steam to another drive?

Steam currently takes up about 3/4 of my main hard drive and I'm always in the red when it comes to installing stuff.
I've seen tutorials on how to but that's just moving games, and I want to move the whole thing. I've also seen websites where it says on how to do it but I didn't want to mess up so I wanted to ask my self. I also don't have any other storage place to back up steam - other than the drive I want to move it to.
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  1. Yes, you can simply move your Steam folder to another drive, but best to use an internal drive. The only instructions that you should trust are those from Steam:

    If you have no other backup, then just copy the Steam folder and rename the original to something else, using the Steam directions in other respects, then run some games from the new drive before deleting the original Steam folder.
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