Cooler Master Storm Sniper fail.

Just got my rig into my new CM Storm Sniper (black) case. Spent 4hrs with wire management, its beautiful inside and out. It's certainly a step up from my Antec P180b in terms of installation ease and wire management, but the LED controller doesnt work out of box :/
The lights in the fans work fine, i hard-wired them to the 12v side of a 12v/5v Molex connector and the fan-speed controller works...just not the light controller.

Meh to Cooler Master. Even if it is pretty well designed, interior and exterior.
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  1. Well, you got something wrong going on in there for sure. Check the wires and the polarity.....
    You seem t be one in million who has had a problem with that case... :) well there's always a first , isn't there.
    And if you feel something has gone bad in the case, just ask for an exchange.....
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