Damn people! i still dont know what the hell is wrong with this nvidia crap 9600gt, i have a 120mm fan on top of it, and 9600gt fan running at 100%, and after 30min of playing in crysis i get to 95C, bad company 2 89C, call of duty 4 80C, and so on.....i did try to overclock it a few times, then i got black dots on the screen so i stopped, and i took of the cooler 1 or 2 times where the thermal paste is, maybe that is the problem, i dont know. Is the card fu**** up? need to get a new cooler or what?
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  1. and my cpu overheats up to 60-70C, with fan at 4060rpm, which is so loud, and my hard drives go up to 50-60C, and mobo 40-50C. i have 2 damn intel coolers, 1 for cpu and 1 for case.
  2. If you did not reapply thermal paste when you took the cooler of then that would explain the high temps. Max temp for 9600GT is 105°C according to nvidia.
  3. kk then i will replace the cooler and the thermal paste
  4. Also make sure you have a good airflow inside your case...
  5. Clean off the thermal paste that's on the 9600GT with rubbing alcohol before applying a thin layer of new thermal paste. Use something like Artic Silver 5; the amount that you apply should not be much bigger than a grain of rice. spread it evenly with something like a credit card or stiff piece of cardboard.
  6. Just slap on a vf900 vga cooler and problem solved, it comes with ram sinks if bought retail.
  7. well, i put some thermal paste on the gfx and still, my card on idle reaches 66C with fan at 100%!! but i put some on the CPU and temps decreased! so its probably the card? or get a different cooler? or a new card?
  8. FFS get a new cooler damn. The stock cooler is trash and couldn't cool a pile of dung much less a 9600gt.
  9. haha it doesnt matter now as i played cod4 for 5 min yesterday, the PC crashed, and after i turned it back on i had dots and lines on the screen, so farewell 9600GT.
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